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A Hefty Financial Investment Is
NOT Required Either...

All you need is:
A telephone.
A computer or laptop with an Internet connection.
 An inkjet printer.
Stationery (You can make your own stationery with your printer:)
A Post Office box or mail receiving service.
A genuine desire to succeed as an entrepreneur.
No Previous Experience Or Degrees
Are Required Either.
Business executives, factory workers, and housewives have all been able to easily understand and master my system.

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Revealed: The Best Kept Secret On Public Record

It's a virtually unknown fact, but every year an estimated 80% of all judgments nationwide go uncollected!

A money judgment is not an ordinary debt. It is a legal and financial obligation imposed on an individual or business by a judge. Most often it's for a debt the individual or business did not pay.

A typical example of how a judgment is created is when one person (the plaintiff) sues a second person (the defendant) in small claims court and wins.

But Did The New Judgment Holder Actually Win?

What the "winner" is awarded is merely a piece of paper from the judge that says they are entitled to receive monetary compensation

Being entitled to compensation and actually getting paid from the "loser" (Judgment Debtor) are two separate and different things.

Unknown to the Judgment Creditor ("winner"), getting the Judgment in court is actually the easy part.

The hard part for is collecting. The Judgment Creditor ("winner") will soon learn the difficulties, if not impossibilities, of collecting on their judgment.

Why Collecting Judgments Is Extremely Difficult For The Average Judgment Holder
judgment recovery Most judgment creditors simply refuse to risk paying an attorney $125 - $175 an hour for the attorney to hopefully collect. You canít blame them. The attorney's costs could very quickly exceed the amount of the judgment.
processing judgments Collection agencies typically are only interested in large commercial accounts that send them many accounts every month - not in a single account from a single client on a one time basis only.
enforcing judgments Most Judgment Creditors ("winners") never or rarely have to go through this collection ordeal. They never gain the necessary skills or insider techniques to successfully collect. Judgment Creditors don't have a clue where to begin to try to collect.
These Unfortunate Folks Have Been Left
Completely In The Dark...

Listen closely... Judgment recovery is not taught in business schools or universities. To make matters worse the courts offer only minimal help. The new judgment holder is completely on his own - hampered by inexperience.

Judgment holders quickly come to the
incorrect conclusion that trying to convert their judgments into money is impossible ... a total waste of time. It's no wonder they they give up so quickly.

But Here's Precisely Where YOU Enter
The Wealth Generating Equation!

Home based business

This extreme frustration on their part has created a monumental money making opportunity for you! The need for judgment recovery is astronomical ... The profits are virtually unlimited...

Because just imagine how judgment holders will react when they discover you have the solution to their problem.

Finally, they'll have a way to obtain satisfaction for all the hard work they put into winning their judgment.

 And Here's The Best Part...

For your expertise you will profit handsomely... All to the tune of 50% or more of the money you collect. This spells BIG Money for you!

Don't you think most people would readily agree that half of a pie is better than no pie at all.

My experience has been that over 73% of the people we market our services to sign up immediately.

Now you can offer this same service in your area or anywhere in the United States. You will be providing an information service that has the full weight and support of the United States Judicial Court System behind you.

How Judgment Recovery Works:
The Nuts and Bolts
Listen closely. Every state in the U.S. has a clause that allows judgment holders to assign or sell their judgments for enforcement.

This simply means that they can sell their judgment to YOU. Then, once you've taken ownership of the award, all of the legal rights to enforce the judgment are immediately transferred to you.

In essence, it's just as if you are the original judgment holder. This is also where the cash flow generating power of this lucrative business model takes full effect.


Because these legal rights give you complete and total authority to garnish and levy valuable assets owned by the 'loser' of the case.


Because Once You Own The Judgment
All You Have To Do Is...
levy Locate where the judgment debtor banks... and then you can levy their bank account!
garnish Locate where the judgment debtor works...  and garnish his or her wages!
lien Locate the judgment debtor's real property... and place a lien on it! 
auction Locate the judgment debtor's personal property... and auction it! 
And much, much, more

Typical Client Scenarios

 Case Study #1: The Assignment Method Of Judgment Recovery

Three years ago Sharon "won" a judgment against Mike for $4,800. She has been unable to collect the judgment on her own.

Mike moved and left no forwarding address. Sharon hasn't the slightest idea where Mike lives or works or banks, and finally, after much anguish, has written the whole thing off to experience.

You contact Sharon (don't worry, I'll show you step by step how to do it) and offer to process her judgment for her.

You offer Sharon a deal, which will give her 50% of everything you recover from Mike, up to 50% of the original judgment.

Sharon decides that if you could help her get $2,400, that would be $2,400 more than she has now, and eagerly signs the contract. But it gets better, much better.

At the time the judgment was awarded, the court also declared that Lance must pay Sharon the legal simple interest rate (10% annually in most states) from the award date.

The judgment ($4,800) plus interest for three years ($1,440) has now become a debt of $6,240 that Mike is legally obligated to pay Sharon.

Next, following my proven techniques, you compile all of the necessary public, personal, banking and employment information the court that Sharon needs.

A typical case will take only a few days, and costs under $70 to process. We have completed many in under an hour! You can  operate this home based business from your kitchen table or spare room.

Finally, following the steps in your program, you simply fill out the appropriate court forms for Sharon, and the judgment is ready to be satisfied.

You then garnish wages and other property of the debtor. This is quick income. The checks are mailed from the court, directly to you.

You then split this income with your "client", Sharon. It is that simple. Now just imagine doing this several times each month. Are you beginning to realize the true wealth building potential of this outstanding opportunity.



Example 2: The Purchase Method Of Judgment Recovery

You approach a judgment holder who has a four-year old judgment with the face value of $1,500. In addition to the face value, the judgment has been accruing interest at 10%.
You offer the judgment holder 10% of its value or $150.00. He only knows that this offer is more than he will ever see, so he sells it to you.
You quickly find the debtor and their assets, and file garnishments. When the judgment is satisfied you will stand to make $2,046 over and above your original investment. This procedure is completed daily by a few people, with privileged knowledge.

The previous examples are very realistic and may even be conservative. If you are in any way skeptical, go to your local court and look at some unsatisfied judgments for yourself.
You will find hundreds and possibly thousands of judgments at a single courthouse. Most of which you can offer to collect or purchase.

Assets You Can Garnish To
Satisfy Money Judgments
Bank Accounts
Real Estate
Garnish Wages - Both Personal and Business
Security Deposits
Business Income
Payments Received From 3rd Parties
Tax Refunds
And Many More!

Also, with my non-confrontational approach you never have to meet the judgment debtor face to face.

Essentially, what you will be doing is transforming uncollected judgments - which the judgment holders have stored in their file cabinets and desk drawers - into cold hard cash.

Cash you can deposit into your bank account! Sound incredible Right?

Here Are Just A Few Of The Outstanding Benefits Judgment Recovery Has To Offer You 

Your start up investment is incredibly inexpensive -- The average out of pocket expense to get your business up and running is typically less that $150. In fact you probably own most of the equipment you'll need
You can start immediately -- Unlike other businesses that can take even years to launch, you can be in business in as little as 2 weeks after study my training system
You can work from the comfort of your home -- This benefit seals the deal for most folks. Imagine a life without commuting to work. With judgment recovery you can set up shop anywhere in your home and
A legitimate six figure business opportunity - This is a no brainer here. When you consider the fact that the average judgment you will process will be in excess of $4,000 it's easy to see how quickly your income will multiply
You are paid directly by the courts -- You never need to worry about getting paid. The money you recover is sent directly to you by the courts. You take your percentage of the proceeds off the top
Multiple residual streams of income -- This is the icing on the cake. In the course of doing business you will undoubtedly be creating wage garnishments. What makes wage garnishments so great? Well for starters once the money starts rolling in it keeps on coming even when you're not working!
Personal Freedom -- Self employment automatically affords you with the luxury of more freedom. There's no one to answer to. No fear of calling in sick. You set your own schedule.
Judgment recovery is recession proof business -- As long as people continue to have disputes they will use the court system to resolve them
There are no territory restrictions -- Another huge benefit. You can collect judgments where you live or even throughout the entire country!
Introducing How To Make A Fortune
Processing Judicial Money Judgments 2.0

What You Will Discover After Securing A
Copy Of My Training System
The fastest, easiest, and most effective methods for locating the 'cream of the crop' judgments. HINT: These marketing strategies have nothing to do with going to your local court house and dealing with grumpy court clerks.
How to prescreen judgments to quickly and easily to determine if they are worth you valuable time.
A sure-fire method for getting judgment holders to eagerly assign or sell their judgments to you for collection.
Expert skip tracing techniques that will teach you how to locate even the most elusive judgment debtors... And more importantly how to locate their a$$ets.
The most effective way to garnish your debtor's assets to ensure you recover the maximum amount of revenue every time you enforce a judgment
How to effectively and successfully enforce high balance judgments.
How to protect your privacy from debtors you are enforcing judgments against.
As You Can Clearly See...
I've compiled everything I've discovered about judgment recovery  over the last 18 years into How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Money Judgments 2.0. Quite frankly, I doubt you'll find a course out there that's as all-inclusive as this.
My first hand knowledge of the judgment recovery businessis revealed to you in a simple step-by-step procedure, which will be the cornerstone of your success.

Everything I discuss in this system, I have personally proven to be successful. You may ultimately want to quit your job where you are helping your employer make more money.
This program is for those individuals who truly want to make BIG cash profits. How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Money Judgments is an easy to implement system that will take you through the entire judgment recovery business. 
What Else Is Included In How To Make A
Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments?
State specific court legal forms are also included in your course. We contacted the courts of every state in the U.S. and and provinces of Canada. We then acquired their legal forms that pertain to judgment recovery. Just tell us where you'll be doing business and we will customize your program for you.
All the necessary assignment forms and contracts to operate your business. The documents are in PDF format on CD, and are compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems. You can print the forms directly from your PC.
Unlimited free consultation with my knowledgeable support team and I, via  e-mail. When you need help, we're here.
You'll have access to our 'members only' online forum community. Here you can exchange ideas, do joint ventures and speak with other judgment recovery specialists. It's a great place for learning about this amazing business

Here's What You Will NOT Be Getting

Now that you've seen what you'll be getting in How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial  Judgments, here's what you won't be getting:

You're not going to get rehashed, recycled, or regurgitated information that everyone has proliferated on the Web. What you'll get are ingenious, innovative, and effective tactics that most people -- not even the most experienced judgment collectors know about.

You won't learn concepts that are untested or unproven. Everything I give you is  proven to produce results -- Results like more clients and more profits.

The Best Kept Secret On Public Record

Judgment Recovery has been deemed The Best Kept Secret On Public Record and rightfully so. Most people have no idea how many uncollected judgments are filed in the courts, let alone that these judgments can be processed by private parties for huge profits.

For example, in the Los Angeles area there are approximately 5,987 judgments filed daily. This figure is from the Small Claims Division only!

Plus, there are only a hand full of judgment collectors currently operating in United States and Canada. Reports have indicated to us that the collection industry is the second largest income generating business in the country.

There could literally be 35,000 people collecting judgments in the United States and there would still be more than enough business for everyone.

When you consider that 80% will remain uncollected after the first year, the wealth building potential of the opportunity we are offering you becomes truly evident.

By reserving your copy of the course today, you will have the ability to capture a $318 billion dollar market. A rich market that very few people even know exists.

How Much Is Your Investment?
This money-making program is normally priced at $297.00, but the good news is that you don't have to pay $297.00 for How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments.
Your price is only $177 -- that's a savings of $120.00.

I'm so confident that you'll be thrilled with How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments that I'm willing to make this strong guarantee. Go ahead and secure your copy right now!

Take it for a trial spin. Use it for a full 90 days. You have an entire 3 months to put everything to the test

Then, if for any reason you aren't satisfied let me know and I'll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 90 day guarantee!


Never before has the need been greater in the judgment recovery industry. You can get in on the ground floor of this high-income opportunity now!
Why not get started today and grab your share of the multi-billion dollar judgment recovery industry.

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your success as a judgment recovery specialist. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. Iíd love to hear your success story!


Lance R. Shapiro Esq.

P.S. Remember, you have a 90 day risk free money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the materials you receive just return them in resaleable condition for a full refund of your purchase price