"New Breakthrough Judgment Recovery Training System Reveals Step-By-Step How To Build and Grow A Lucrative Judgment Recovery Business All From The Comfort Of Your Home!"


Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Lance Shapiro and I'd like to introduce you to a phenomenal home-based business opportunity. One that has literally earned me a fortune for more than 25 years.

Listen closely. If you can invest a brief 5 minutes of your time, I'll provide you with all the details... And even better, how you can literally be 'in the business'  just 2 weeks from today!

We're talking about an industry so far off the radar that I've appropriately deemed it The Best Kept Secret On Public Record, and I'll tell you from firsthand experience the benefits of this unique venture are extremely attractive.

Benefits like wealth, personal freedom, and control over your own destiny are at the top of the list. If you're like me, those benefits are important to you as well.

Not to mention, that this opportunity paved the way for me to quit my job and live an extremely comfortable life... on my own terms... All within the first 19 months of operation!

What's this big Secret all about?
Good question.

Ready to find out?

Okay, let's begin.

Revealed: Judgment Recovery - The Best
Kept Secret On Public Record...

FACT: Every year over  83% of all money judgments awarded in U.S. civil courts are never collected?

Listen closely... You can forget about what you've seen on court television. Most folks who win in 'Judge Judy's courtroom' never receive a dime of their award.


It's simple. The courts are NOT collection agencies! There's no one is standing at the courtroom exit with a crisp check and a handshake for the winner. Bottom line, the court's attitude is clear-cut:

You won the judgment... You collect it!

Sure, the courts provide a highly effective arsenal of 'killer collection tools' for new judgment holders to recoup their losses

But that's where the assistance stops... cold!

What Happens After Court?

Most of the time... Nothing!... Nada!... Zilch! Do judgment holders EVER get paid? Unfortunately the great majority of the time the answer is a resounding NO!

As a matter of fact, after winning the judgment, most of these folks go right back to their old routine. They're still badgering the person they sued. They stilling wringing their hands in frustration. Eventually giving up.

It's a losing situation!
So... Winning The Judgment In Court Wasn't A Victory For The Judgment Holder After All?

Uh... No! In essence, a judgment is simply a glorified IOU... Being entitled to compensation and actually being paid by the loser of the case is as different as apples and oranges. 

In fact, winning in court was easy. The hard part is collecting the money.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Judgment Holders
Can't Collect Their Money...
First off, these folks don't have a clue about how or where to begin. They don't know how to locate the judgment debtor's bank account, place of employment, or real estate holdings. These are assets that could be garnished to satisfy the judgment
They can't afford to hire an attorney to collect the judgment for them.
Collection agencies are either not interested in collecting their judgments, or they're ineffective.

But What If I Told You That There's A
Unique Clause In The Legal System.

One that allows judgment holders to assign their judgments to YOU for collection. What would you think?


Wake up!

Look here!

This Is The Secret!!!

Let me explain.

After the judgment has been assigned to you, you have the identical legal rights of the original judgment holder.
And This Is Where The Best Kept Secret On
Public Record Goes Into Full Effect...

Because these rights give you full authority to garnish valuable assets owned by the judgment debtor! Imagine how judgment holders will react when they discover that you can collect their their judgments for them!

Finally, they'll have a way to obtain satisfaction for all the hard work and anguish they've endured.

This Is Huge!

Because All You Have To Do After The
 Judgment Is Assigned To You Is:
Locate where the judgment debtor banks... and levy his bank account.
Locate where the judgment debtor works...  and garnish his wages.
Locate the judgment debtor's real property... and place a lien on it.
Locate the judgment debtor's personal property... and auction it. 
And much, much, more.

Hey look! Are you beginning to see the possibilities for you as a judgment recovery specialist? Keep reading there's more. Much more!

The extreme frustration experienced by the multitude of judgment holders has ingeniously created an outstanding business building opportunity for you.

The need for judgment recovery is astronomical and the profits are practically infinite!

And The Best Part Is That...

For your knowledge and expertise, you will profit handsomely... All to the tune of 50% or more of the money you collect.

And that's not all. Consider this. The average dollar value of judgments coming across your desk will be in the neighborhood of $4,500.

Collect 4 or 6 judgments per month (I can teach you step-by-step how to do this) and suddenly you're earning $5,000 to $8,000 per month.

Okay, I'll Be The First To Admit...

Eight thou
sand dollars a month in 'today's economy' isn't a great deal of money. Really, it isn't.

However, it will help pay the bills. Plus, once you get past the 'learning curve', your cash flow will begin to skyrocket!

Not only that... Our experience has been that a whopping 67% of the people we market our recovery services to sign up immediately!

You can offer judgment recovery in your area or anywhere in the United States you choose.

You will be providing a money driven service that has the full weight and support of the United States Judicial Court System behind you.

Take A Look At The Following Case Scenarios...

They'll give you and idea of what you'll be doing once you're a professionally trained judgment recovery specialist.
Three years ago Sharon won a judgment against Mike for $4,800. She has been unable to collect the judgment on her own.

Mike moved and left no forwarding address. Sharon hasn't the slightest idea where Mike lives or works or banks, and finally, after much anguish, has written the whole thing off to experience.

You contact Sharon (don't worry, I'll show you step by step how to do it) and offer to process her judgment for her.

You strike up a deal with Sharon. The deal will give her 50% of everything you recover from Mike, up to 50% of the original judgment.

Sharon decides that if you could help her get $2,400, that would be $2,400 more than she has now. She eagerly signs the contract. But it gets much better.

At the time the judgment was awarded, the court also declared that Gary must pay Sharon the legal simple interest rate (10% annually in most states) from the award date.

The judgment ($4,800) plus interest for three years ($1,440) has now become a debt of $6,240 that Mike is legally obligated to pay Sharon.

Next, following my proven techniques, you compile all of the necessary public, personal, banking and employment information the court that Sharon needs.

A typical case will take only a few days, and costs under $70 to process. We have completed many in under an hour! You can  operate this home based business from your kitchen table or spare room.

Finally, following the steps in your program, you simply fill out the appropriate court forms for Sharon, and the judgment is ready to be satisfied.

You then garnish wages and other property of the debtor. This is quick income. The checks are mailed from the courthouse or sheriff's office, directly to you.

You then split this income with your "client", Sharon. It is that simple. Now imagine doing this several times each month. Get the picture?



You approach a judgment holder who has a four-year old judgment with the face value of $1,500. In addition to the face value, the judgment has been accruing interest at 10%.
You offer the judgment holder 10% of its value or $150.00. He only knows that this offer is more than he will ever see, so he sells it to you.
You quickly find the debtor and their assets, and file garnishments. When the judgment is satisfied you will stand to make $2,046 over and above your original investment.

The previous examples are very realistic. In fact, they're quite conservative. If you are skeptical in anyway, visit your local court house.

I guarantee you this. You will find hundreds and possibly thousands of judgments there. Most of which you can collect or purchase.

Bank Accounts
Real Estate
Garnish Wages - Both Personal and Business
Security Deposits.
Business Income.
Payments Received From 3rd Parties.
Tax Refunds
And Many More!

The Judgment Recovery Business
In A Nutshell...

Essentially, what you will be doing is transforming uncollected judgments - which the judgment holders have stored in their file cabinets and desk drawers - into cold hard cash.

Cash you can deposit into your bank account!

I Agree That All This Sounds Incredible!

However There Is ONE Catch...

You must possess the 'specialized knowledge' necessary to take advantage of this financial goldmine.

Hey listen... Judgment recovery is NOT brain surgery.

Far from it.

You do not need a law degree or large sums of money in the bank to begin operations either. You definitely do not need to be a 'computer guru'.

Still... To Prosper In A Big Way Financially

A tried, tested, and proven formula for success is mandatory.' Bottom line you've got to have an excellent training system.

Training is precisely where I personally can make the difference in you business becoming a raving success or a dismal failure of your new business venture.

Because once you're professionally trained in the use of my system, the money is literally there for the taking.

I Know This For A Fact.

For more than 20 years my company and I have recovered millions of dollars in judgment revenue.

During that time I've developed a unique judgment recovery training system. One that's proven itself to be extremely effective.

Recently I created and authored a training system based on my highly successful career as a judgment recovery specialist.

The course is brand new and entirely based on 'What Works Now' to make money in the judgment recovery industry.

Introducing How To Make A Fortune
Processing Judicial Judgments 2.0

This Is Where YOU Enter The
Wealth Building Equation!

What You Will Discover After Securing A
Copy Of My Training System
The fastest, easiest, and most effective methods for locating the 'cream of the crop' judgments. HINT: These marketing strategies have nothing to do with going to your local court house and dealing with grumpy court clerks.
How to prescreen judgments to quickly and easily to determine if they are worth you valuable time.
A sure-fire method for getting judgment holders to eagerly assign or sell their judgments to you for collection.
Expert skip tracing techniques that will teach you how to locate even the most elusive judgment debtors... And more importantly how to locate their assets
The most effective way to garnish your debtor's assets to ensure you recover the maximum amount of revenue every time you enforce a judgment
How to effectively and successfully enforce high balance judgments.
How to protect your privacy from debtors you are enforcing judgments against.



"We decided to add a few of Lance's judgment recovery strategies to the way we do business. Much to our amazement the results were considerably better than we  expected. Our cash flow increased 13% in just the first 2 months." 

John Finkle, Gulf Region Judgment Recovery Service.  
Yes Lance! I'm ready to place an order for How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Money Judgments 2.0 so I can start my own lucrative, home-based judgment recovery business.  

I understand that with your no-hassle 2 year guarantee, my purchase is risk-free. 
I understand that the hard copy training system and CD's will be mailed to me via Priority Mail within 24 hours of my order being placed.  
I understand that I will also receive the following 10 enhancements (Free Bonuses) to my training system: 

Lifetime membership in my judgment recovery forum: Here, you will access to network with other judgment recovery professionals, exchange ideas and get assistance. 
The Datamerge Recovery Tool Kit, an e-book loaded with links to online resources for on conducting skip-trace and asset-discovery investigations. This is a $29.97 value yours free. 
A judgment recovery interest calculator with the interest rates for all 50 states integrated into the software.  
The Desktop Attorney: A portfolio of legal documents for both personal and business use. This is a $57.00 value yours free.  
Investigators Guide to Sources of Information prepared by OSI (Office of Special Investigations).  
How To Enforce Foreign Judgments: A short e-book in PDF format with excellent information about enforcing foreign judgments. This is a $19.97 dollar value yours free. 
The EmanuelŪ Law Outline on Civil Procedure is an excellent study guide for learning about the process of civil law. This 120 page e-book in PDF format 
The Investigator's Guide: An e-book loaded with information on conducting skip-trace and asset-discovery investigations. This is a $29.97 dollar value yours free. 
State specific court forms and documents for the entire nation all in PDF format. 
FCRA Booklet, a 50 plus page book containing the complete text of the new FCRA Act. This is a $19.97 dollar value yours free. 

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