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From the desk of: Lance Shapiro
Dear Friend,

In the next 5 minutes, as you read every word of this article, you are going to discover why judgment recovery is one of the most lucrative, untapped and rewarding home business opportunities in America today.

It's my goal to provide you with an objective look at this fascinating business so you can decide if judgment recovery is right for you.

This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you -- but only if you take the first step. Your first step is to read this article in its entirety.

Please don't just skim through it. I don't want you to miss a single word because when I demystify judgment recovery for you, you simply cannot fail to generate the income you desire.

Here's a fact for you:

Every Year Over 80% Of All Money Judgments

Awarded are never collected? A judgment is NOT an ordinary debt. It is a legal obligation imposed on an individual or business by a judge -- for a debt that was not paid.

Most judgments are created when an individual sues another in small claims court -- and wins. But do they really win?

In reality the winner of the judgment receives a piece of paper stating they are
entitled to receive money from the individual they sued. But being entitled to receive money and actually being paid are two very different things.

What the judgment holders don't realize is that winning the case was the easy part. Collecting the money is where the difficulty lies.

Here's why:

The average judgment holder doesn't possess the skills necessary to collect their judgment. Judgment recovery is not taught in business schools or universities, and the courts offer zero help. The judgment holder is basically on his own, hampered by inexperience.
Collection agencies are typically only interested in large commercial accounts, that send them new business every month - not in single judgments on a one time basis.
Most judgment holders refuse to pay an attorney $125 - $175 an hour for the attorney to hopefully collect their money. Can you blame them? The attorney's cost could quickly exceed the amount of the judgment.

Because of these reasons judgment holders soon feel that collecting their money is impossible -- and eventually give up.

As a result, there are now more than $230 billion dollars worth of uncollected judgments in the United States. The amount increases every year as more judgments come into existence.

But This Seemingly Unfortunate
Situation Has Created...

An incredible business opportunity for YOU. Now, with your help there's finally a way for judgment holders to get satisfaction for the hard work they've put into winning their case -- and you can earn huge profits for yourself in the process.

Imagine how excited judgment holders will be when they receive a letter from you stating that you can collect their money for them.

In return for your expertise, you can earn an average of 50% of the value of the judgment for yourself. Clearly, any sensible judgment holder would agree that half the pie is better than no pie at all.

You can offer judgment recovery in your community or anywhere else you choose. You will be providing an important service needed everywhere. A service that has the full weight and support of the United States Judicial System behind it.

Ironically, The Legal System Makes
All This Possible For You

Although the courts do not enforce judgments, they DO provide judgment holders with a powerful arsenal of collection tools.

Every state has a stipulation that allows judgment holders to assign their award to others. Once the judgment has been assigned, the new party (you for example) acquires the same legal enforcement rights had by the original judgment holder.

This means that YOU can use the court system to enforce collection of the judgment.

The following 2 case studies will provide you with specific details about how the process works and how you can generate income processing judgments.

Example 1: The Assignment Method

Three years ago Sharon won a judgment against Mike for $4,800. She has been unable to collect the judgment on her own. Mike moved and left no forwarding address.

Sharon has no idea where Mike lives, works or banks, and after much anguish, writes the whole thing off to experience.

You contact Sharon and offer her a deal, which will give her 50% of everything you collect from Mike.

Sharon decides that if you could help her get $2,400, that would be $2,400 more than she has now, and eagerly signs the rights to the judgment over to you. But it gets much better.

Judgments accrue interest (
10% in most states). What this means is that after 3 years, the balance of the judgment has increased by $1,440 and is now $6,240. Mike is legally obligated to pay Sharon and now you the full amount.

Next, using sophisticated investigative techniques that I will provide you with, you compile of the necessary public, personal, banking and employment information necessary to enforce the judgment.

Finally, you simply fill out the appropriate court forms for Sharon, and the judgment is ready to be enforced. You then garnish the wages and other property of the debtor. This is quick income. The checks are mailed from the court, directly to you.

You then split the income with Sharon. It is that simple. Now imagine doing this several times each month. Are you beginning to see the  wealth building potential of this outstanding opportunity.


Example 2: The Purchase Method

You contact a judgment holder who has a four-year old judgment. The judgment is valued at $1,500. In addition to the face value, the judgment has been accruing interest at 10%.
You offer the judgment holder 10% of its value or $150.00. He knows that this offer is more than he has ever seen, so he sells it to you.
You then find the debtor and their assets, and file garnishments. When the judgment is satisfied you will stand to make $2,046 or more over and above your original investment.
The examples above are very realistic and actually quite conservative. The best part is that you can find hundreds and even thousands of judgments at a single courthouse. The majority of which you can offer to collect or purchase.
Once professionally trained in judgment recovery, you can realistically expect to earn $5,000 a month working part-time up to $10,000 per month or more full-time.

I know this for a fact. Since 1987 my company and I have recovered millions of dollars worth of judgments. During that time I've developed a unique judgment recovery system that's proven itself to be extremely effective.

Recently I Created A New...

Judgment recovery training course based on the system I use. Now you can have everything I've learned about judgment recovery since 1987 at your fingertips -- to grow your own thriving business.

The course, aptly titled How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments, will provide you with all the training and tools you need. You will learn step-by-step a professional business that you can operate from the comfort and security of your home.
The strategies are unique, safe (you never have to meet  judgment debtors face to face), and most importantly they work!

Plus, you can get started without any previous legal experience or a college degree. Laid off factory workersstay-at-home moms, and business executives all have been able to grasp in the information in my course and grow extremely successful businesses.

In fact, most of the folks who've invested in my course started out part-time and quickly progressed to full-time. And speaking of investment, a large expenditure of cash is not required either!

You probably own a computer and have an Internet connection. Therefore, all you need is a telephone, stationery, and a private mail receiving service. That's it!

Here's What's Included In My Course:

A Comprehensive (414 Page) Training Manual - The manual contains all of my proprietary judgment recovery techniques and investigative resources. You'll receive every method I've used to locate debtors and their assets. Plus, the course has been updated with the specific procedures used nationwide. If you want to work in other states, everything you need is already included.
My 9 step process to generate income in 60 to 90 days. Obviously your number 1 goal is to start generating income as fast as possible. Use this step-by-step strategy and you can realistically see income within the first 60 to 90 days of starting your business
How to determine which judgments you should pursue and which cases to avoid. Take the short-cut to making money faster and easier by using my specific criteria before choosing to collect a judgment.
How to find and endless stream of new customers. This is big! If you have time to go to the court house that's great. But if not, you can still attract more clients than you can handle. I will show you 5 sources for leads that will keep your telephone ringing for a lifetime.
The million-dollar secret for investing in judgments secured by real estate. Now you can use this simple yet high-powered investment strategy, once reserved only for savvy investors to make huge profits!
How to protect your privacy from judgment debtors. I'll teach you a fail-proof method for concealing your home address and other personal information from "nosy" judgment debtors. You can operate you business from home with 100% security and peace of mind.
How to locate judgment debtors through skip tracing. Here, I reveal my most effective methods for locating judgment debtors. Once you learn these techniques virtually NO judgment debtor will be able to evade you.
How to locate judgment debtor assets. You will learn the the easiest and most cost-efficient ways of finding the debtor's bank accounts, real estate, employer information, personal property and much more
How To Collect A Judgment If The Debtor Owns Real Estate - The easiest method for enforcing a judgment when the debtor owns real estate is filing a lien against the property. When the debtor sells or refinances the property you'll be paid through escrow after the loan is funded.
How To Garnish Wages - Wage garnishments are an effective way to enforce money judgments. The course will teach you the same procedures I use to  determine where the judgment debtor is employed. Plus the course contains the exact set of instructions I send to the sheriff to garnish wages.
How To Repossess The Debtor's Car To Enforce The Judgment - In the course you'll discover how to locate the debtor's car and how to use the legal system to repossess it. If the debtor fails to pay you, the car is then sold at a sheriffs sale (auction) and the proceeds are mailed to you.
How To Garnish Business Income - Did you know that if your debtor is self employed you can instruct the sheriff to go to the debtor's business and garnish the money that customers pay the debtor. Commonly know as a till tap, this is a great way to enforce a judgment.
How To Garnish Payments Received From 3rd Parties - Is your debtor a subcontractor or an owner of rental property? Payments he receives from these 3rd parties can be garnished to enforce your  judgment. In The Homeland Judgment Recovery Training Course, you'll learn step by step how to do this.
State Specific Court Legal Forms -  We contacted all the courts in U.S. and the provinces of Canada to obtain their judgment enforcement documents.  Just tell us where you'll be doing business and we'll customize your course for you.
All Necessary Assignment Forms and Contracts -  The documents are all on CD and are compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. You can print the forms directly from your PC.
What People Are Saying About My New
Judgment Recovery Course
"I was skeptical about judgment recovery as a business opportunity --- but when I started reading the course I was impressed in a HUGE way.

This course is AWESOME! Why? because it condenses everything you need to know and do into a simple daily action plan ANYONE can implement.

The information, resources, and strategies are worth GOLD!"

Eric Anderson, Terre Haute, IN


"I've read tons of information about how to make money in judgment recovery, but I've never seen anything like this. "This course is full of practical, proven, how-to advice all in easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.

I just went through the program and followed the directions in the manual. Now I'm earning money every month!"

James Ewing, Bronx, NY


"This training course leads you from point to point like a well made map. All you have to do is follow each step and your success is assured. It could not be simpler. It could not be easier. 

The list of bonuses alone, are worth a hundred times the cost of this course. Those who have a dream of earning a lot of money in the judgment recovery business would be well advised to get 'How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments' immediately and to start using it right away."

Bill Powell, Seattle WA


'How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments' is more than an training course... it's a step by step blueprint that takes you by the hand and guides you to the big paydays in record time ."

"It's so easy to follow anyone with a high school diploma could use it and make great money ! I've been collecting judgments since 2001... and I still learned several incredible new strategies!

Thanks! I sure wish I'd had it when I started out!"

Kevin Lane, St. Louis, MO

Plus you will also learn:

How To Establish Instant Credibility For Your Business - I'll show you gain credibility for your company...even if you have no prior business experience
How to get your business up and running in as little as 2 weeks
What to do if your judgment debtor files bankruptcy.
Effective strategies for handling larger ($25,000 plus) judgments.
Which Internet databases are the best and most cost effective for locating judgment debtors and conducting asset searches.
Everything You Need Is Included!

Obviously, you can see my course contains everything you need to make money in this amazing opportunity. There's nothing left to purchase. You will receive comprehensive training, free software, and unlimited free consultation with my staff.

We have combined our knowledge of how to locate and process judgments with a solid business and marketing plan that can make you extremely  wealthy.

The techniques you will learn can generate thousands of dollars in profits for you every month. You may  want to quit your job where you are helping your employer get rich. You have the potential to earn a six figure income.

The Homeland Judgment Recovery Training Course was specifically created for you if you desire to be self employed in a legitimate, flexible, work at home business. A business that can provide you with a reliable, lucrative income.
Here Are 18 Good Reasons Why Judgment Recovery
Is The Ideal Home-Based Business For Anyone
Wanting To Become An Entrepreneur!
1. Very high income potential. 10. You can start immediately!
2. The money is paid to you. 11. The work is exciting and rewarding.
3. You'll have an executive level career. 12. You'll gave more time to travel.
4. You can work from home! 13. Year round service (not seasonal)
5. You'll have more personal freedom. 14. You're not restricted by territory.
6. The start-up investment is minimal. 15. The business offers self expression
7. You can generate residual cash flow. 16. You'll gain a broader life experience.
8. The business is recession-proof.  17. A service continually needed.
9. You'll have more time with your family. 18. An easy-to-target niche market
Get Your Share Now!


By reserving your copy of the course today, you'll have the ability to capture your share of a $230 billion dollar market.
A market that very few people know exists -- while creating a business that will provide you with strong, consistent income year round.

Within 2 Months I Collected 4 Judgments

"After struggling for months trying to figure out how to collect judgments, just 2 months after getting How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments I collected 4 judgments.  And I haven't finished studying the whole course yet.

Jose Pena, Los Angeles, CA 


As someone who has been struggling with many home-business opportunities, I put your judgment recovery system in action earlier this year and I am now making great money.

A heartfelt thanks to you for sharing your judgment recovery techniques. With a young family at home you have eased my financial burden considerably. May God be with you Chuck.

Vincent Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ


I purchased How To Make A Fortune Processing Judicial Judgments just a few months ago and already I'm earning really good money (About 4,000 to $4,700 per month working very part-time).

The course has explained the entire procedure of collecting judgments exceptionally well.

My goal is to go full-time very soon. Just wanted to say thank you for creating a serious money-maker.

Reese Reynolds, Detroit, MI


After several months of researching the field of judgment recovery, I decided to by your course. This has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Because of your unique marketing techniques, my fax machine and email are overflowing with new cases to work on each week.
Even more important though is the fact that your course works! I recently executed a bank levy and today I received a very substantial check from the marshal's office. I'm 100% satisfied with the results and all the help you've provided.  

Michael Harrison - Tri-State Revenue & Recovery

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What's The Price Of The Course?

As I mentioned earlier, the course contains all the experience I've gained in the judgment recovery business since 1987. I venture to say that I have been in the industry longer than anyone else.
My course is regularly priced at $267.00 and is worth every cent considering how much money you can earn as a result of using the information.
But you'll be glad to know that you don't have to pay $267.00 for the course. Your price is only $167.00 -- that's a savings of $100.00. Processing just one judgment could easily pay for the training materials 50 times over.
You Risk Absolutely Nothing With My
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident my course will produce maximum profits for you, that I back it up with a rock-solid 90 day, risk free, money back guarantee. This assures you that you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this amazing system.  

Invest in my program and study the course. Get several judgments assigned to you. Then see for yourself that you can generate the kind of income I say you can. Make sure that this is the business for you.

Then at anytime during the 90 days after receiving your program, if you are not satisfied, simply return the course materials and CDs for a full refund. What could be more fair? 

Never before has the need been greater in the judgment recovery industry. Right now you can get in on the ground floor of this high-income! Start part time or full time, but start today!

Keep in mind that when you place and order using our secure server your course will be shipped via US Priority Mail the same day you order.  

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your success as a judgment recovery consultant.

Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I’d love to hear your success story!

To your success,

Lance R. Shapiro
Legal Revenue Service

P.S. Remember, you have a 90 day risk free money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the material you receive.

P.P.S. Follow the guidelines in the course and you can expect a consistent, reliable income starting in 60 to 90 days.